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Fishing Hook Sizes: Your Ultimate Guide

To fish successfully, identifying a hook size is an act of skill, expert or not. The bait that you put on the hook is majorly dependent on the hook size you have chosen as this determines the catch you will get.

This guide is aimed at decoding the intricacies of fishing hook numbers, bringing about the comprehension of their numeration system, the differences between the various sizes, and the importance of understanding fishing hook numbers for catching the type of fish you desire.

Now you have this knowledge, you can confidently make the best choices, the attitude of which increases your chances of successfully and pleasantly enjoying fishing.

Understanding Fishing Hook Sizes

Fishing is an art that has sophisticated mastery and requires patience, ability, and the right fishing gear. Among the different types of fishing appliances, the hook is the primary fishing implement where the catchment of the fish is done.

The sizes of hooks you use could turn into the determining factor of whether you will enjoy a successful day of fishing. This publication will furnish all the information about fishing hooks and help you choose the most suitable type needed for the next trip.

Fishing Hook Sizes

Fishing hook sizes are generally categorized into two types: an enormously simpler system – the Imperial Measurements, inclusive of numbered sizes and aughts. The size range runs from the smallest which is “32 nd” and times up to the eye-catching “1st” Then, for the two to sevenths ratio, the scale changes from actual to a slash symbol.

An easy example of this is 1/0 (which is pronounced “one aught”), which is bigger than the size 1 and increases with the number of aughts. So, a 7/0 hook is greater than a 3/0 hook. 

Why Size Matters

The fishhook size that you select will give a direct impression of the specific type of fish you would be catching. The lure size is a factor that helps to determine the size of the hook that you are going to use, be it a large size to catch bigger fish or smaller sizes for smaller fish.

In the case when the hook is much larger in comparison to the fish being targeted, it may lack the capability to input inside the mouth of the fish causing failure in hooking the fish. While a hook may be too big as opposed to not as tiny a big fish be able to grab it or break it.

The hook size will also be decided, predominantly, by the size of bait you are using for largemouth bass fishing. The main thing is your hook must be the same size as your live bait. Hence, in case you are applying a big bawn like a whole herring or squid then you will require large hooks.

In contrast, keep in mind that you need to adjust the hook’s size according to the bait you’re using. The best choices are smaller hooks for worms or small crustaceans and bigger hooks for larger baits.

Specific Hook Sizes for Different Fish Species

All kinds of fish sizes need different hook sizes. As an illustration, a size 6 to 10 hook will be appropriate when trout fishing. If the catfish or bass are larger, then you need a 1/0 or 2/0 hook.

Sometimes, if you’re targeting a fish as big as a shark or tuna, you’ll need a hook as big as 10/0 or 20/0. Firstly you need to know something about the species you are going after before deciding on the hook size of the bait you are using.

This write-up however highlights the size of the hook, it would be worth adding that the shape of the hook helps in determining whether it effectively catches fish. The variety of shapes is quite expansive, such as J-hooks, circle hooks, and treble hooks, to name a few, with distinct benefits and drawbacks.

The shape of the fishing lure will be determined by the species of fish and the fishing method you are using, which means that there can be one shape that is more effective than another. This brings us to the issue of the most common fishing hooks that you will always want to have with you in your angler’s kit.

ReeMoo Premium Fishing Hooks

ReeMoo Premium Fishing Hooks


The ReeMoo Premium Fishing Hooks are good companions for these two fishing groups: professional anglers and fishing beginners. These hooks are intended to be forged using top-notch carbon steel. This will ensure their longevity and resistance to rust.

There is a wide range of sizes available, and this makes it possible for people who want to catch different kinds of fish to do so. By having 10 different/4 various types of hooks you have the perfect setup for all conditions. Anyone who buys this product will have a box of portable plastic in which you can easily organize your hooks.

What makes the ReeMoo fish hooks special is the sturdy and edgy design based on barbs for catching freshwater fish and saltwater. The barbs on the hook guarantee a high rating, as the fish won’t be able to come out if they decide to bite.

Whether you wish to take a day excursion to the nearby lake for a fishing trip or go adventurous sea outing, ReeMoo Premium Fishing Hooks have got you covered, enabling you to catch your target fish more easily and much better.

Helpful review:

“I like the variety of sizes. I fish in a small pond where the fish aren’t huge, so this kit is just right.” — Freddy

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Sougayilang Fishing Hooks

Sougayilang Fishing Hooks


Sougayilang Fishing Hooks Carbon Steel Soft Bait Worm Fish Hooks are superior hooks for anglers who are fishing both in saltwater and freshwater. Such hooks, manufactured from high carbon steel metal, offer high strength and resistance to corrosion and are hence a perfect option for all types of fishing environments.

The hooks comprise 50 pcs. by which your money is worth it. They have also been assembled in a plastic box, what could be more convenient to keep them organized and compact?

Among the great attributes of Sougayilang Fishing Hooks is its barbed hook point which is made with an edge. It gives the fish the chance to feel the hook deeply placed, and this will ensure that it remains stable even when it makes that final effort to break free or jump.

Additionally, customers who have tried them have left positive reviews online another indicator of their efficiency and quality. Be it the utmost expert in fishing or an amateur fishing aficionado, the Sougayilang Fishing Hooks will make one of the most versatile additions to your fishing gear.

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“The hooks are sharp and sturdy. I’m impressed with them and appreciate the compact organizer. It’s convenient not to dig through a pile of hooks and risk getting pricked. I plan to purchase hooks like these in the future.” — Russ

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Removable Split Shot Pro Pack

Removable Split Shot pro Pack


The Removable Split Shot Pro Pack by Water Gremlin Inc. is a multi-use and convenient tool for outdoor enthusiasts. It is made accessible in many sizes such as BB, 3/0, 7, 5, and 4 with 124 removable split shot pieces being included in each pack to allow for changes to the weight of the sinker without the necessity of tools.

Through a patented process, rather soft lead is formed into out way accurate pieces to create a form hinge that can be knocked easily onto the line.

More than just its split shot’s various uses, this Water Gremlin’s product is also built considering the users’ convenience in the process. It measures 4.2 x 2.8 x 0.7 inches which ensures that it can easily fit in your pockets throughout the fishing trips without being bulky.

The weight of the given item being 0.1 kg makes it super convenient to carry anywhere as it doesn’t make your gear heavier in any way. Additionally, the shots are light and strong, which makes them suitable for the player’s movement. The Water Gremlin Removable Split Shot Pro Pack is the ultimate answer for every level of angler. It provides an uncomplicated and fast way to adjust sinkers of any type and weight.

Helpful Review:

“I’ve bought these multiple times and I highly suggest them! They look exactly like the pictures and are a great addition to your tackle box. Plus, you can easily put them on without any tools – just pinch firmly with your fingers, and they’ll stay securely in place.” — Halsey

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Eagle Claw 90° Double Round Bend ST Point

Eagle Claw 90° Double Round Bend ST Point


The Eagle Claw 90° DOUBLE ROUND BEND ST Hook is a practical and powerful fishing hook, which is unique for its strength and toughness. It is a part of Eagle Claw Company, a very celebrated American brand with existence in this industry for more than 90 years attributed to honesty, integrity, and the American heritage.

Also, the hook is offered in different sizes, including 6/0 and 8, as well as different colorways, including pink and bronzed, red and multi. It had been designed by employing a mixture of ingredients that allows prolonging lifespan and guaranteeing proper functionality in catching fish. The specifications of the hook have the same dimensions – around 1 x 1 x 1 inches, which makes it small and handy for easy handling.

The characteristic of this type of hook is a pair of regular shanks, a round bend, with a straight point. The one click of the hook is enhanced allowing it to hold even in the case of heavy fish that may straighten or break the hook. Besides coming in packs of two, these pairs give a decent value for the money they are.

Their high sharpness and pocket-friendly nature convinced them, that one could even claim them as a one-stop source of fish-cutting tools. Whether you have been an angler for years or you are a rookie, the ST Point of the Eagle Claw 90° Double Round Bend ST Hook will guarantee that you have a tool like this to rely on when fishing.

Helpful review:

“This set offers exceptional value for bottom fishing hooks. With 85 hooks in the package, each one has been meticulously inspected and found to be flawless with consistent quality throughout.” — T. Pool

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