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The Ultimate Hunting Gear Checklist for 2024 (Tested and Reviewed!)

Preparing for a hunting expedition is more than a mere checklist—it’s about securing your passage into the wild, ensuring every item in your arsenal aligns with the terrain and your hunting goals. Imagine embarking on your hunting journey armed with gear that promises not just functionality but also reliability and precision.

hunting gear

In this extensive guide, we reveal the perfect hunting gear list for 2024, consisting of a carefully selected set of verified and assessed necessities. If you have been in the wilderness for a long time or are experiencing your first-ever hunting expedition, these carefully chosen items are designed to boost your skills and the delightfulness of nature’s presence.

Let us go on this journey to discover superior hunting equipment, subjected to thorough testing according to different terrain requirements and conditions. This checklist will be your compass and help you navigate through high-quality optics and rugged clothing, including all necessary accessories for a powerful hunting expedition.

Get ready to witness a whole new range of gear far beyond the notion hunt—it’s all about getting yourself geared up for an incredible adventure in nature, each second you spend out there transforming into yet another priceless chapter in your hunting story.

10. Badlands – 2200 Hunting Backpack

Top-rated: 472 ratings | 82 answered questions

Badlands - 2200 Hunting Backpack
Credit: Amazon


Replacing a pack that held sentimental value, this Badlands gear surpassed expectations, proving the ideal successor with its sturdy build, expandable design, and thoughtful features like the meat shelf, hidden rifle holder, and internal bladder pouch to keep gear dry.

Helpful review:

It was time to replace a backpack that my dad had gifted me before he passed away, and that I had used for years. This new pack had a lot to live up to. I truly believe it’s the only one that could fill that void. It’s a perfect product from an amazing company with an excellent warranty.


  • It has an internal frame lined with big chunky zippers-terrific pulls, and brawny fasteners for fantastic durability.
  • It is completely expandable, and it has a meat shelf, adjusting zippers for comfort purposes, and pistol holsters on both sides for convenience in functions.
  • In addition, a concealed rifle holder and an optics stable are built into the cabin to make it possible for easy and great mounting of additional things outside.
  • The bladder pouch is installed inside to catch condensation so no moisture affects your equipment.
    With or without the bag inside, it is relatively waterproof and can give your items an extra layer to protect them from getting wet.


No external radio pocket one thing about the old pack I liked better was a shoulder strap radio pouch. A bladder hose holder on the strap would be nice I robbed my old one. You have to buy a bladder and rain cover separately. Not really a big deal because I like water/Gatorade bottles instead when I hunt. Just so much easier to deal with Instead of cleaning out the bladder and drying it so it does not taste like an aquarium. I did buy the bladder though just because I am a gear nerd. make sure you get the square 2l one because that is the internal pouch it has. (The rain cover might come down the line just in case but I don’t want to be in the weather it would be needed since this thing will take a downpour by itself)

Overall an Awesome pack and I give Badlands credit that this is well thought out I used to think these packs were expensive now I see they are almost underpriced and It is a great value to add enjoyment and capability to the hunt.” – Dalton Stawicki

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9. Vortex – Optics Impact Laser Rangefinders

Top-rated: 2,030 ratings | 60 answered questions

Vortex - Optics Impact Laser Rangefinders
Credit: Amazon


Vortex’s unmatched warranty and customer care swiftly replaced my fogged scope, underscoring their stellar commitment to quality and service.


  • Vortex Optics Impact Laser Rangefinders are designed with advanced laser technology
  • These rangefinders are constructed with a rugged design.
  • With intuitive controls and a clear display, the Vortex Optics Impact Laser Rangefinder is easy to use, even for beginners.
  • The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around, whether you’re on a hunt or a hiking trip.

Helpful review:

“Vortex is exceptional. I purchased one a year ago, and it worked incredibly well – accurate, clear, and easy to use. However, during a rainy hunting season, water got inside and fogged up the lens. Upon contacting Vortex, without any hold time, I spoke to a service representative named Sarah. She promptly shipped a new one, along with a hat and a nice shirt, and included a return label for the defective unit. Vortex truly has the best warranty in the industry, backing their products and providing outstanding customer service.” – Dalton Stawicki

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8. TenPoint – Titan M1 Crossbow with Lighted 3X Pro-View Scope

Top-rated: 140 ratings | 48 answered questions

TenPoint - Titan M1 Crossbow with Lighted 3X Pro-View Scope
Credit: Amazon


This Tenpoint Titan M1 is a solid choice for first-time crossbow users, offering accuracy and ease with minor scope adjustments and optional enhancements like Tenpoint bolts and silencing add-ons, though opting for the Acudraw Pro over the standard version is advised for a quieter hunting experience.


  • The Titan M1 Crossbow comes with a Lighted 3X Pro-View Scope, providing enhanced visibility.
  • Despite its powerful performance, the Titan M1 has a compact size.
  • It is designed for high-speed shooting, ensuring that every shot reaches its target.
  • It is known for its quality craftsmanship.

Helpful review:

“This is my first crossbow, I’ve been hunting with a compound bow for 20 years. It was great right out of the package. I had to adjust the scope a bit at the range, but the crossbow is easy to use and very accurate. I find it easy to carry, but I keep myself fit, so gear weight isn’t an issue for me. I suggest getting the Tenpoint bolts. I also added all the Tenpoint silencing attachments, and although there is still some noise, the add-ons have improved. It might startle deer briefly, but they usually return to normal quickly.

One improvement I recommend is that Tenpoint should include the Acudraw Pro with all their crossbows. The standard Acudraw makes a loud ratcheting noise, unlike the Pro version, which is silent and faster. It’s impractical to offer the inferior Acudraw for hunting as it’s noisy during reloads. Hunters strive to stay unseen, and unheard, and blend in visually, so why provide something that makes noise in the woods? I successfully harvested my first doe yesterday at 28 yards with a clean shot.” – Robert Grosko

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7. HOT SHOT – Men’s 3-in-1 Hunting Parka

Top-rated: 551 ratings | 39 answered questions

HOT SHOT - Men’s 3-in-1 Hunting Parka
Credit: Amazon


This jacket was a game-changer! An XL fit perfectly for layering, while its thoughtful design with a cinch hood and waterproof features stood out. It’s missing some pocket details, but the durability, functionality, and affordable cost made it my top pick among jackets twice its price.


  • It offers a three-in-one design, allowing you to adjust your level of warmth depending on the weather.
  • This parka is designed to withstand harsh conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • It provides excellent insulation, keeping you warm even in extreme cold.
    The parka also features multiple pockets for convenient storage of your essentials.

Helpful review:

“I purchased around $1500 worth of jackets through Amazon Prime. Before making the purchase, I contacted the seller to inquire about ordering both an XL and XXL size to determine the best fit for layering. The seller approved my request for a sizing comparison. Normally, I wear XL shirts, unless they shrink significantly. Due to this, I often wear an XXL T-shirt, even though it may feel slightly oversized at times. For reference, I am 6’2″ and weigh 210 lbs, which should give you an idea of my jacket sizing.

The XXL size turned out to be too large, so I promptly returned it. The XL size, on the other hand, allowed me to layer comfortably underneath. Typically, I wear an XXL long-sleeved T-shirt and an XXL sweatshirt. Surprisingly, there was no uncomfortable bunching with this setup. The XL jacket fit me perfectly. However, I was disappointed that it lacked hand warmer pockets, which I had in another brand’s jacket that I returned. Hand warmer pockets are a nice feature to have, especially if you make use of them. Additionally, this jacket only had one chest zipper pocket, whereas most similar jackets have two. Lastly, it lacked armpit vent zippers. While not deal-breakers, incorporating these features would further enhance the jacket’s appeal.” – Johnny Jackson

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6. Rhino Blinds – R75-RTE Hunting Ground Blind

Top-rated: 2,639 ratings | 40 answered questions

Rhino Blinds - R75-RTE Hunting Ground Blind
Credit: Amazon


Effortless setup, sturdy build, and is versatile enough to serve as an indoor tent for the grandkids!


  • The Rhino Blinds R75-RTE Hunting Ground Blind is lightweight and easy to set up, making it ideal for hunters on the go.
  • This ground blind is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  • The realistic tree and leaf design provides excellent concealment in various environments.
  • Despite its compact exterior, the R75-RTE offers ample room inside.

Helpful review:

“This photo blind is well-constructed and simple to set up. It’s lightweight and easy to carry to the site. While the setup is straightforward, collapsing it can be a bit tricky with spring tents. Following the instructions precisely helps pack it into the bag effortlessly. This blind does not come with a floor, which was not a requirement for me. Additionally, it can serve as an excellent indoor tent for the grandkids!” – Ron Stalin

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5. Holtzman’s Gorilla – Bushcraft Survival Camping Knife

Top-rated: 183 ratings | 0 answered questions

Holtzman's Gorilla - Bushcraft Survival Camping Knife
Credit: Amazon


More than just a knife, this survival system boasts durability and versatility, featuring a balanced, durable knife, a modular sheath for various carrying options, and a powerful ferro rod that launches hot sparks like a flamethrower.


  • It’s perfect for various outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and bush crafting.
  • It can withstand tough conditions and repeated use, making it an excellent investment for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • The design includes a secure grip handle and a protective sheath, ensuring safe handling and storage.
  • Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival Camping Knife is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around.

Helpful review:

“This system is designed for survival situations, consisting of a knife, sheath, and fire starter. The knife is durable and well-balanced, having processed over a hundred pieces of wood without any issues. A bit of stropping restores its sharpness easily. The handle may feel unusual at first due to its textured grip, but it’s comfortable and provides good grip even with gloves on.

The modular sheath allows for easy customization, suitable for scout carrying. It has strong retention, and the attachment is simple to adjust. The included Ferro rod is highly effective, producing hot sparks for fire starting. It works well with various natural materials. Overall, this system offers great value for its price.” – Alex Healey

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4. Vortex – Optics Viper HS LR Riflescopes

Top-rated: 134 ratings | 49 answered questions

Vortex - Optics Viper HS LR Riflescopes
Credit: Amazon


An excellent scope offering a clear sight picture at extended ranges, featuring an MOA reticle ideal for holdover shots and precise adjustments, including elevation travel of 24 MOA per revolution, making it suitable for shots past 800 yards.


  • The Vortex Viper HS LR Riflescopes offer crystal clear images, thanks to their advanced optical system.
  • With the HS LR feature, these riflescopes enable accurate shooting over long distances.
  • Built with aircraft-grade aluminum, the Viper HS LR Riflescopes are designed to withstand the harshest conditions.
  • The scope comes with easy-to-use windage and elevation turrets.

Helpful review:

“This scope provides a clear sight picture even at extended ranges. The MOA reticle is perfect for holdover shots. It includes windage and elevation hash marks, with additional windage lines having 2 MOA hashes, which is helpful in windy conditions. The scope is not overly complicated, and adjusting shots felt comfortable.

While spotting for another shooter up to 600 yards, I made small corrections to guide them on target. The elevation adjustment offers 24 MOA per revolution, providing ample travel. Even when mounted on a zero MOA scope, there was enough adjustment range for shots beyond 800 yards with my 243. Initially concerned about 1/2 MOA elevation changes, I found no issues after using it for some time. Windage adjustments are 1/4 MOA. Considering it is a first focal plane scope, the price point is excellent.” – Phillip Walton

Get it from Amazon now: $899.00 & FREE Returns

3. Summit Treestands – Viper SD Climbing Treestand

Top-rated: 1,541 ratings | 96 answered questions

Summit Treestands - Viper SD Climbing Treestand
Credit: Amazon


A solid buy with minor noise concerns, Summit’s SD Viper stand offers excellent comfort and practical features for a successful hunt.


  • It features an innovative design with gear-like teeth that allow you to lock the holder at your preferred angle.
  • Made from lightweight aluminum it’s easy to transport and climb.
  • It’s designed with smaller-framed hunters in mind but offers world-class engineering features.

Helpful review:

“The seller is fantastic to work with and offers excellent customer service. I’ve had the older Vipers without the SD for over a decade, and I loved them. Recently, as I tried to foam it myself, it worked well except for the foot base where the foam leaked into the cable area. To quickly replace my old one until I could fix it properly, I needed to buy this SD Viper stand.

I like almost everything about this SD Viper stand. The old Viper had cable ties on the armrests, which I preferred over the new zipper ones. The new zippers cover less area, make noise when walking, and don’t secure the pad as well as the old cable tie system, which is my main complaint but it’s minor.

The straps offer comfort and stretch, but if you load a bag on the climber like I do, it can pull down the climber, causing the bottom to hit your legs when walking, which is quite annoying. Despite these issues, it’s the most comfortable chair I’ve ever used. It eliminates pressure points present in ground chairs, making it the best hunting chair ever.” – Andy Bartels

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2. CREATIVE XP – Cellular Trail Cameras

Top-rated: 961 ratings | 277 answered questions

CREATIVE XP - Cellular Trail Cameras
Credit: Amazon


This cellular game camera by SimHero impresses with easy setup, versatile settings, and outstanding night vision quality, providing excellent photos and videos—even capturing hedgehogs—with a bonus of seamless phone transmission for an enhanced user experience.


  • You can receive real-time photos & videos directly to your phone or email.
  • These cameras are equipped with 56 IR LEDs that provide clear, bright images even in complete darkness.
  • Offers a long battery life, reducing the need for frequent battery changes.
  • The cameras offer high-quality and detailed images and recordings. This makes them ideal for wildlife monitoring, hunting, or property surveillance.

Helpful review:

“Setting up is a breeze, and if you run into any hitches, the customer service is top-notch. I used the included SimHero (a recent addition, replacing the AT&T SIM card) and it’s fantastic – preloaded with 500 photos and starting at just $7. Although the camera is compatible with AT&T, I opted for SimHero for its comparable signal to AT&T or T-Mobile.

My primary focus is capturing IR photos/clips of our vacationing wild hedgehog. The camera’s wide range of settings makes it incredibly versatile, especially given its affordability. I also have a SpyPoint camera, but its night vision photos don’t measure up, and there are issues with receiving photos on my phone – crucial since the camera is 4 hours away.

The LED’s “no glow” feature seems invisible to cats, though a few have ventured over out of curiosity during the day. The hedgehog doesn’t appear to notice them either. Last night, I recorded around 50 videos, totaling about 16 minutes. This suggests the batteries may last for less than 24 nights, excluding setup and LCD viewing time. To address this, consider investing in rechargeable batteries, a solar panel, or creating a 6v power supply for the camera.” – Ben Berg

Get it from Amazon now: $109.95 & FREE Returns

1. HISEA – Rubber Hunting Boots

Top-rated: 3,278 ratings | 100 answered questions

HISEA - Rubber Hunting Boots
Credit: Amazon


This pair of boots exceeded expectations—comfortable, roomy, and an impressive quality. While the calf strap adjustment might not be ideal for deep snow, these boots excel in comfort, warmth, and durability, making them a great value at a fantastic price.


  • HISEA Rubber Hunting Boots are made with high-quality rubber that is resistant to water, making them an ideal choice for wet conditions.
  • These boots are designed with a flexible neoprene lining that provides comfort and insulation.
  • They feature durable rubber soles that offer excellent traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
  • HISEA Rubber Hunting Boots are scent-free, which is essential for hunters.

Helpful review:

“I recently received my boots and was pleasantly surprised. Initially, the fit was just as expected. Being a size 8.5, I opted for size 9, providing a perfect amount of extra space for thicker socks. The soles have a nice gummy, spongy feel when walking, reminiscent of Muck boots, which I enjoy. They are incredibly comfortable, and the quality seems top-notch. The green camo color I chose was on clearance for around $65, and I love the pattern, making it a fantastic deal for me. The addition of a free waterproof phone case was a delightful bonus. Overall, I rate them 5 out of 5 stars!

As of 2/1/22, I have worn these boots in various conditions, including very low temperatures down to -30 degrees, for extended periods since purchasing them. They have proven to be extremely comfortable, keeping my feet dry and warm. The only minor drawback I’ve noticed is the adjustment clasp and strap on the calf. The clasp doesn’t securely hold the strap for more than a short period. This hasn’t been a significant issue for me as I don’t walk in deep snow higher than a foot.” – Joey Bones

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