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The Ultimate Ice Fishing Gear Checklist for 2024 (Part 1)

Ice fishing is not just a matter of lowering a fishing line through a hole in the ice; it is a journey into the ice, a trip from the warmth of reality into the cold brutal world of imagination, a dive through the ice into wonderland. To get the most out of this icy adventure, appropriate equipment is crucial. In this first part of the article series, we will explore the best ice fishing gear on Amazon in 2024.

ice fishing gear

Imagine gearing up for your ice fishing expedition armed with tools and equipment designed to enhance your experience, ensuring comfort, safety, and efficiency on the frozen terrain. From precision augers to advanced shelters and specialized gear, this guide unveils 15 must-have items that promise to elevate your ice fishing escapades.

In this initial segment of our series, we’ll delve into a selection of essential gear crafted to meet the demands of frozen waters, catering to both seasoned anglers and newcomers alike. These items are curated to equip you with the essentials for navigating the ice and reeling in those sought-after catches.

There is a plethora of advanced equipment and novel devices that have been carefully selected to enhance your ice fishing experience and give your winter expeditions a veneer of professionalism. How about we go into ice fishing equipment and gizmos that will make your next frozen excursion an adventure to remember?

1. Eskimo – Outbreak Portable Ice Fishing Shelter

Top-rated: 340 ratings | 34 answered questions

Eskimo - Outbreak Portable Ice Fishing Shelter
Credit: Amazon


This transformed ice shanty as a winter tent exceeded expectations with its ingenious window covers, adaptable interior, and makeshift flooring, despite seam vulnerability to rain—an indulgent, spectacular weekend retreat.

Helpful review:

“Spent a weekend winter camping in a tent initially meant for ice fishing but worked perfectly as a winter tent. The tent is blacked out inside, has 6 windows with velcro covers for natural light, and no floor. Used foam yoga mats as rugs or children’s foam tiles for flooring. Note that flooring might freeze without sufficient heat. While the tent lacks seam-sealing, hanging a tarp can prevent rain entry. Enjoyed the weekend with a TV, heater, and a crockpot roast.” – Sheila Panowicz

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2. Eskimo – Eskape 2400 Insulated Ice Fishing Shelter

Top-rated: 14 ratings | 6 answered questions

Eskimo - Eskape 2400 Insulated Ice Fishing Shelter
Credit: Amazon


This shelter is a game-changer, fitting perfectly in a Subaru Outback, offering spaciousness, comfort, and convenience for daily ice fishing trips, proving that a truck isn’t a prerequisite for a top-notch shanty. If you are thinking “Are Eskimo shelters waterproof?” then the answer is a big Yes. They’re made with robust-quality material to offer you top-notch water protection. Moreover, many people wonder — How warm are Eskimo tents? it’s 35% warmer than the normal non-insulated shelter.

Helpful review:

“I have always wanted a flip-over shelter but couldn’t get one because I don’t own a truck. However, this shelter fits in my Subaru Outback! It offers a much larger fishing area compared to my friend’s flip-over and is more comfortable. Though it is a bit heavy and a challenge to load into the car alone, having a comfortable shanty is crucial when ice fishing daily.

The shelter comfortably accommodates 2 people and even has space for my portable grill inside, along with 3 fishing holes. Being 6 feet tall, I can stand upright inside without stooping. The side doors are convenient as they prevent the need to step over someone else’s gear to exit. Additionally, the sled provides ample storage space. This product is excellent for those with an SUV or station wagon as it likely fits and is worth considering.” – Adam Corl

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3. Frabill – Retractable Ice Picks

Top-rated: 2,271 ratings | 18 answered questions

Frabill - Retractable Ice Picks - Best ice fishing gear
Credit: Amazon


These ice picks offer peace of mind for ice fishing safety, though slightly awkward to wear, their smart design for accessibility, whether through coat sleeves or belt loops, proves invaluable in potential emergencies.

Helpful review:

“I purchased these devices for peace of mind when my husband goes ice fishing. They are quite simple to use, and fortunately, he has not had to use them in a real emergency yet. They appear user-friendly. Please note that they feel more cumbersome than wearing nothing, so be mindful of that. Avoid wearing them around your neck, please! The instructions advise threading them through the sleeves of your coat or outer layer so they are easily accessible and won’t float away if you fall through the ice.

Additionally, this method reduces the risk of accidentally stabbing yourself in the neck if you stumble. Alternatively, I came across another suggestion that seems effective: threading them through your belt loops. This keeps them secure, out of the way, yet still within reach if needed.” – Cecily Templeton

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4. Eskimo – Ice Fishing Rod Lockers

Top-rated: 73 ratings | 3 answered questions

Eskimo - Ice Fishing Rod Lockers
Credit: Amazon


This Eskimo rod locker, a thoughtful gift for my boyfriend, proves practical and protective for delicate fishing gear, boasting ample compartments and a snow-friendly design, making it a must-have for dedicated ice fishers.

Helpful review:

“I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my boyfriend who enjoys ice fishing. He is a fan of Eskimo products, and I found the best price on Amazon. We have been using the rod locker this season, and it functions well for carrying all our gear. The rubbery bottom allows for easy dragging on the snow without getting wet. It offers ample compartments for gear and snacks. The size is just right, not too heavy. It effectively protects delicate rods from damage and helps maintain organization. I highly recommend it for avid ice fishers.” – Maria Lopez

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5. Eskimo – Pistol Bit

Top-rated: 768 ratings | 39 answered questions

Eskimo - Pistol Bit
Credit: Amazon


The Eskimo Pistol Bit, combined with a drill, revolutionized my ice fishing with effortless cutting and reduced strain post-surgery, showcasing Eskimo’s exceptional customer service and earning my highest recommendation.

Helpful review:

“After a bit of experimentation with drill motors (as my Makita’s lack the required torque), I’ve been using this unit on the ice for about 2 1/2 months now. It cuts effortlessly and is significantly lighter to carry compared to my Eskimo propane auger. Following back surgery last September, hauling my previous auger was taxing. Transitioning from a 28-pound auger to a 6-pound auger (with the drill motor) has been a game-changer.

I did encounter an issue where the auger cut better on a slight angle rather than straight up and down. A quick call to customer service promptly resolved the problem. Eskimo deserves an extra five stars for their outstanding customer service! This tool is fantastic and much more cost-effective than an electric auger. I highly recommend it!” – Phillip Agius

Get it from Amazon now: $159.99 & FREE Returns