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Top 5 Camping Coolers for Your Next Trip (Tested and Reviewed!)

Discovering the best coolers for camping isn’t just about keeping things cold—it’s about securing the heart of your outdoor experience, ensuring your food stays fresh, your beverages remain icy, and your adventure stays on track. Imagine cool coolers that not only preserve your supplies but also fit seamlessly into your camping routine. Plus, it enhances every moment of your wilderness getaway.

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Picture owning the best coolers for camping that exceeds your expectations, not just in its cooling capabilities, but in its durability, portability, and overall functionality. Say good-bye to concerns about perishables spoiling or drinks warming up—envision the convenience and reliability of top-notch cool coolers that complement your camping style and elevate your outdoor excursions.

Bid adieu to the hassles of melted ice, insufficient space, or a cumbersome design—imagine the delight of having a cooler that stands as a reliable companion throughout your camping journey. It’s time to delve into the world of the best outdoor coolers, where each pick guarantees not just cold storage, but a seamless, worry-free camping experience. Let’s look at all the camping cooler reviews that will help you make an informed decision.

YETI – Tundra 45 Cooler

Top-rated: 3,053 ratings | 97 answered questions

YETI - Tundra 45 Cooler
Credit: Amazon


After a week-long desert trip with no pre-cooled food or chest, the Yeti excelled, maintaining a 6-pound ice reserve from an initial 12-pound bag while preserving soda, eggs, bacon, and more in a remarkable state of coldness. An ideal choice for prolonged adventures, this chest outperforms expectations and delivers on its promise of durability and cooling capacity.

Helpful review:

“I purchased this ice chest for my rafting trips where I leave the raft in the river for a week and off-road adventures in my Jeep that can last 4 to 5 days. I own a brand X ice chest that, with careful handling, can keep food fresh for up to 3 days.

Recently, I embarked on a 4-day trip across the eastern Oregon desert. On Friday morning, I placed a 12-pound bag of ice in the Yeti cooler. I packed it with a 6-pack of soda, 4 small juice bottles, eggs, hash browns, bacon, lunch meat, cheese, and condiments. The soda and juice were not pre-chilled and were purchased fresh.” — Sid Levingston

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Top-rated: 98 ratings | 27 answered questions

Credit: Amazon


The Canyon Cooler Outfitter 35 exceeded all expectations, maintaining food and frozen water bottles perfectly chilled even in scorching 103-105-degree temperatures during a 3-day boat camping trip. It’s among the best coolers for camping that offers higher durability and lets your food stay fresh with all nutrition intact. It’s a reliable and the best cooler for desert also as the outer body of the cooler doesn’t get hot that much even in higher outdoor temperatures.

Helpful review:

“The Canyon Cooler Outfitter 35 is truly remarkable and the best cooler I’ve ever had. After spending 3 days boat camping and water skiing on the California Delta with temperatures hitting 103-105 degrees each day, the Canyon lived up to its reputation.

I prechilled it at home before the trip and kept it shaded during the day. Inside, I placed 3 frozen 2-quart water bottles with our food, along with a quarter bag of ice on top. Even after 3 days in the heat, our food remained cold, and the water bottles still had over half of their contents frozen.

I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and the performance of the Canyon Cooler Outfitter; it surpassed my expectations. Unlike Yeti coolers, which were more expensive, the Canyon offers a great design with no protruding parts that could catch on things when loading our tournament ski boat.” — Kevin Conville

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ICEMULE – Backpack Cooler

Top-rated: 151 ratings | 0 answered questions

ICEMULE - Backpack Cooler
Credit: Amazon


This camping cooler’s versatility impressed me; it kept drinks cold for hours in extreme heat and doubled as a dry sack.  It was perfect for travel – fitting in a suitcase or doubling as a carry-on with added storage space. It’s among the best lightweight coolers that are portable and also offer a good level of comfort to you while you wear and walk with it.

Helpful review:

“This cooler is fantastic! It kept our drinks cold for hours, even in the extreme heat of Costa Rica. Besides, it can be used as a dry sack since it’s water-resistant. It’s convenient for travel; you can roll it up to fit in a suitcase or use it as a carry-on for the plane. The black color with a canvas-like material is a nice touch. It may sweat a bit, but it’s easy to clean. Plus, you can refrigerate your drinks by adding air through the valve.” — Sean Austin

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Igloo Latitude – 60qt Roller Cooler

Top-rated: 287 ratings | 38 answered questions

Igloo Latitude - 60qt Roller Cooler

Credit: Amazon


This best outdoor cooler surpassed all expectations – lasting for days with minimal ice melt even after a power outage, proving its reliability for parties and emergencies alike. Igloo Latitude is among the top coolers for camping that comes with functional wheels. If you’re planning to carry a lot of food and beverages, then this lightweight cooler with wheels is a good option.

Helpful review:

“I recently purchased these cool coolers after reviewing several options. I needed a larger one for a 4th of July party and decided on this one without breaking the bank. Before the event, I filled it with ice and drinks for the guests, and even after a day of continuous use, the ice held up remarkably well.

Following the party, when a power outage occurred, I used the cooler to store perishable items with some ice from my freezer. To my surprise, the ice lasted for about three days, proving its excellent insulation. This cooler has been a reliable addition, and I highly recommend it for frequent use.” — Cinty Lee

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ORCA – TP0580RCORCA Cooler

Top-rated: 305 ratings | 66 answered questions

ORCA - TP0580RCORCA Cooler
Credit: Amazon


This best outdoor cooler stands out for its quality construction and durability, impressing even skeptics with its robust ‘whale tail strap closures’ and top-notch build. Additionally, it offers a solid alternative to other well-known brands. In the portable category, it’s among the top coolers for camping that are easy to carry and clean on your adventure.

Helpful review:

“This cooler is fantastic! I got it as a gift for my partner, and he loves it. I chose the 58-quart tan version, and the quality is top-notch. I was initially concerned about the durability of the “whale tail strap closures,” but the thick, stretchy rubber seems very reliable. Just be aware, that even when empty, this cooler is quite heavy. If you’re looking for something to keep your food cold for days, don’t expect it to be lightweight. It’s a great cooler, proudly made in the US. After comparing it to a Yeti, I found better reviews for this one.” — Shawn Rios

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