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Top 7 Camping Mattresses of 2024 (Tested and Reviewed!)

Camping under the sky is an adventure, but that doesn’t mean losing comfort. Camping mattresses are the basis of every adventure that lies ahead, and sleep is the way to heaven for those who rest well. Look at a mattress that can keep your home’s comfort while living in the wild and hold you in comfort and support to wake you up ready for all the adventures awaiting. Whether you buy an air mattress nearby or online, below are the best camping mattresses that you need to consider before going for an adventure.

Camping Mattresses

Finding the best camping mattress is like finding a true friend for your outdoor excursions, a trusty partner that provides comfort, even in rough terrain. Hammer goodbye to sleepless nights and painful backs; imagine taking comfort in the heart of nature.

Join us on a journey through the top-rated camping mattresses of 2024, where we explore the finest options that promise durability, support, and a night of undisturbed slumber under the open sky.

7. Therm-a-Rest – NeoAir Xlite NXT Sleeping Pad

Top-rated: 24 ratings | 0 answered questions

Therm-a-Rest - NeoAir Xlite NXT Sleeping Pad
Credit: Amazon

Highlight: Lightweight and insulating, this mattress proved effective during my Mount Annapurna expedition, though slipping while sleeping was a minor issue.

Helpful review: “I used this sleeping pad on Mount Annapurna. It’s quite lightweight. I chose the regular size. There’s an even lighter, smaller version, but it’s not suitable for adults. An issue I faced was sliding off it while sleeping. The larger size somewhat helps but doesn’t fully solve the problem. Despite that, it provides good insulation and is lightweight. In conclusion, I would suggest considering it.” – Dan Turner

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6. EnerPlex – Never-Leak Mattress

Top-rated: 5,908 ratings | 131 answered questions

EnerPlex - Never-Leak Mattress
Credit: Amazon


From quarantine necessity to 566 nights of comfort, the EnerPlex Never-Leak airbed proved its durability despite occasional rips, offering stability and relief from hip and back pain, signaling its final farewell after one column’s detachment. It’s the best camping mattress for couples as it has enough space and ample comfort for a peaceful night. It’s the best air mattress for couple that you can buy from Amazon.

Helpful review:

“In April 2020, I urgently needed a mattress for my quarantine space, so I purchased the EnerPlex Never-Leak twin camping airbed from Amazon. While I typically dislike sleeping on airbeds, this one was exceptionally comfortable and I continued using it even after recovery. It provided great support and stability, easing the hip and back pain I used to experience on my foam mattress.

Although not designed for daily use, this airbed proved durable. I managed to use it for 566 nights, despite encountering small tears near the inner columns on three occasions. Each time, I patched it up and carried on. Towards the end, I had to add air nightly for optimal comfort, but the pump was user-friendly. Unfortunately, last night, one of the columns detached completely, causing a significant lump and a leak. It seems it’s time to bid farewell to this resilient airbed. It’s the best air mattress as per my experience.” – Jessica Wilson

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5. Intex – Comfort Dura-Beam Airbed

Top-rated: 3,941 ratings | 169 answered questions

Intex - Comfort Dura-Beam Airbed
Credit: Amazon


An airbed with a meticulous setup for durability, featuring a stable build, secure sheet fit, and thoughtful extras, proving a reliable and comfortable investment for quality sleep. It’s the best camping sleeping pad that offers you unmatched comfort and ergonomics.

Helpful review:

“After going through the instructions, I found out that this airbed requires full inflation followed by a 24-hour rest period before use. I followed this process, added a mattress pad and sheets, and refrained from laying on it until the next day.

This airbed is of high quality. I may have been fortunate, but it holds air perfectly. The built-in pump is a great feature for quick inflation or deflation. The additional tote bag it comes with is a nice addition. The flocked surface keeps the sheets in place without slipping. Putting on my queen-fitted sheets was easy, and the fit was perfect.

Despite being an inflatable bed, it feels quite sturdy. It may sway a bit when getting on or off, but the Dura-Beam construction helps stabilize it and provides some support” – Claudio Nicoloff

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4. KLYMIT KLYMALOFT – Sleeping Mattress

Top-rated: 102 ratings | 0 answered questions

KLYMIT KLYMALOFT - Sleeping Mattress
Credit: Amazon


This pad offers unparalleled comfort for outdoor adventures, cushioning against rough terrains and proving worth the pack space, despite relying on a USB pump for inflation—a must-have that even led to a second purchase! It’s the best blow-up mattress that takes only a few minutes to get ready.

Helpful review:

“Inflating this pad is effortless with a small USB pump, ensuring comfort during outdoor trips. It provided great sleep while camping by a river and on backpacking adventures, despite taking up pack space. Its superior comfort surpasses smaller pads, making it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, the USB pump can be used for pillows. Overall, it’s a fantastic choice for outdoor enthusiasts.” – Amanda Marie

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3. Intex – Prestige Downy Airbed Kit

Top-rated: 1,463 ratings | 30 answered questions

Intex - Prestige Downy Airbed Kit
Credit: Amazon


Finally, an air mattress that defies the norm, reliably lasting through a music festival with minimal air adjustments, comfortably accommodating two adults.  They proved more dependable than pricier alternatives.

Helpful review:

“I’ve had bad luck with air mattresses regardless of the cost or brand. They always end up with leaks, slow or fast. Surviving a camping trip or music festival without ending up on the ground has been a challenge. For Bonnaroo, I tried a new one and was pleasantly surprised. I only had to add air once in four nights. Two adults, one 6’5″, slept comfortably without any leaks.

The pump worked well with this mattress and even fit my friend’s different brand mattress. The locking/airflow mechanism is a bit odd but effective once you get used to it. It’s a basic yet robust and the best camping pad, much better than the pricier ones I’ve tried!” – Rachel Khan

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2. Lightspeed – The Cradle Curved Air Flexform Mattress

Top-rated: 96 ratings | 30 answered questions

Lightspeed - The Cradle Curved Air Flexform Mattress
Credit: Amazon


Despite encountering a small leak issue, this camping pad impresses with superior comfort, contoured design, and consistent firmness, proving a standout among previous models. It’s the best air mattress for camping when it comes to portability and the ease you get when you rest on it.

Helpful review:

“I took this camping and noticed it now leaks. Upon inspection, I found a few leaks on the flocked side near where my neck rests. I plan to contact Light Speed to address the issue since I can’t patch it due to the location of the leaks.

I’ve used various camping pads before, from self-inflating to ultralight ones, but this one stands out as the best I’ve tried. It’s effortless to inflate using the included bag, which helps in maintaining consistent firmness by keeping humidity levels low. During a recent camping trip, I only had to inflate it once for a 2-night stay.

The contoured sides keep me centered on the pad, allowing for comfortable side sleeping due to its thickness. Although not the lightest, it’s incredibly comfortable and quiet compared to my backpacking pad. I’m pleased with my purchase and excited for many restful nights on this sleeping pad. Best-rated air mattress that makes outdoor stay hassle-free.” – Derek Heaton

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1. Best Choice Products – Mattress

Top-rated: 4,904 ratings | 0 answered questions

Best Choice Products - Mattress
Credit: Amazon


An exceptional investment for camping alongside a cot, this mattress redefines comfort with its home-like feel, making it a versatile and highly recommended choice, despite its expanded size. It’s the best camping mattress that you can buy on Amazon for under $170.

Helpful review:

“I purchased this mattress for camping trips to use alongside my queen-size cot. I wanted to move on from air mattresses that easily get punctured. This mattress proved to be a worthwhile investment. It offered the same level of comfort as my bed at home, and those who slept on it mentioned it was even better than their beds. Sleeping on it in the tent provided a quality night’s rest. Although it does take up some space when inflated, it comes with a travel bag for convenience. If you have the space or need for it, I highly recommend this mattress. It can also be arranged in various configurations and is suitable for accommodating guests in limited space.” – Justin Bell

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