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Top-Rated Dry Bags of 2024 (Tested and Reviewed!)

The dry bag is more than just any other gear; it protects against the weather, keeping your belongings and necessities dry while still outdoors. Imagine the mental satisfaction in knowing that, while traveling through rain, rivers, or rough terrains, your valuables stay safe and dry, tucked safely in an excellent dry bag. In this article, we will explore the best-in-the-market dry bags for fishing.

Top-Rated Dry Bags

Owning such a dependable bag means having a companion that surpasses expectations without breaking the bank. It’s an investment in your exploration, ensuring that your gear, whether electronics, clothes, or essentials, remains unscathed, regardless of the weather conditions or travel environment.

No more fretting over damage from water or, to the water damage, waterborne items Now imagine that you can get lost in any nature activity, like hiking, kayaking, camping, or anything else you would like, without the worry that your things will get wet.

Grab the opportunity to embark with us on this adventurous journey as we investigate and review the best dry bag available in 2024. Be it in the backyard, the hills, or even in a snowy winter or moist autumn, your gear is protected by our bags to ensure full protection.

1. Earth Pak – Waterproof Dry Bag

Top-rated: 27,108 ratings | 298 answered questions

Earth Pak - Waterproof Dry Bag
Credit: Amazon


Highly durable and impressively waterproof, this bag not only keeps everything dry after an accidental plunge but also offers ample space and a convenient carrying strap—a solid 10/10 recommendation for any outdoor enthusiast. It’s among the best waterproof bags for fishing that you can buy in 2024.

Helpful review:

“TLDR; This bag is top-notch and stylish. It keeps your belongings dry, even if it takes a plunge. Worth it.

I purchased this bag for my summer paddle-boarding adventures, and it has seen plenty of use. Recently, my friend tumbled off his board while holding this bag, but all its contents stayed dry! The 10L capacity is generous – holding lunch, snacks, life vest, phones, sunscreen, and more. The vibrant yellow hue makes it stand out, while the thick material and clear usage instructions add to its quality. The convenient carrying strap is a standout feature.

I wholeheartedly recommend this bag. Don’t miss out!” – Steph Erickson

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2. Sea to Summit – Lightweight Dry Bag

Top-rated: 1,981 ratings | 33 answered questions

Sea to Summit - Lightweight Dry Bag
Credit: Amazon


These sea-to-summit bags were my reliable companions during a full AT thru-hike, keeping all my gear dry and organized without a single leak across Georgia to Maine, despite a minor hiccup with an ultralight version.  Still, they remain my top choice for dry sacks. It’s among the highly-rated best dry bags for fishing.

Helpful review:

“I bought several Sea to Summit bags for my 2020 Thru Hike of the AT. These bags performed exceptionally well, keeping my gear dry from Georgia to Maine. To stay extra cautious, I used a contractor bag to line my pack. I had two 13-liter bags and an 8-liter bag.

One 13L bag held my sleeping gear, easily accommodating a 0-degree down quilt, a Thermarest bag liner, and an inflatable pillow.

The second 13L bag served as my food bag, fitting about 5 days of food tightly. During the trek, I bought an additional 4L Sea to Summit bag for overflow food. I kept this bag outside my pack for quick access to snacks and lunch. This extra bag was necessary for hanging all my food each night.

I purchased the 4L bag from a trail outfitter. While it held up well, it didn’t last the entire trip due to its ultralight material. A mouse eventually chewed through it. For future long hikes, I might opt for a different or slightly larger bag for food storage.” – Karly Maddison

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3. KastKing – Waterproof Dry Bag

Top-rated: 6,512 ratings | 93 answered questions

KastKing - Waterproof Dry Bag
Credit: Amazon


This bag is a spacious gem! I bought it for my daughter’s swim class, and it fits all her essentials, including a towel, bathing suit, Rashguard Shirt, water shoes, and sunscreen. plus, there’s extra room to spare. Quality-wise, it’s fantastic, enduring the chaos of a teenager and keeping everything dry. It’s an ideal dry bag for fly fishing. Highly recommended!

Helpful review:

“I bought this bag for my daughter’s swim class, and it fits everything we need perfectly. It turned out to be larger than expected but just the right size. We managed to fit a typical towel, bathing suit, swimming shorts, rashguard shirt, water shoes, and sunscreen in the bag, with extra room to spare. Though we haven’t used the phone protector case yet, it seems like it would work well.

The quality is excellent and has withstood the rough handling of a teenager. I highly recommend this bag for keeping your items dry.” – Ashley Garcia

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4. Earth Pak – Waterproof Backpack

Top-rated: 6,893 ratings | 185 answered questions
Earth Pak - Waterproof Backpack
Credit: Amazon


Earth Pak’s 85L Waterproof Backpack is a game-changer, impressively keeping all gear dry during torrential rains, showcasing its exceptional waterproofing and spacious design for outdoor adventures.

Helpful review:

“I recently got the Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack in the 85L size, and it has truly exceeded my expectations. Being an enthusiastic camper and outdoor lover, I’ve been on the lookout for a reliable and genuinely waterproof backpack. The 85L size is just perfect for all my camping needs, offering enough space for all my gear – tent, sleeping bag, cooking stuff, and clothes. The organization is efficient, and the front pocket is handy for storing smaller items like maps or a flashlight.

Comfort is key for outdoor adventures, and the Earth Pak backpack nails it with a cushioned back panel that provides great support and ventilation. It makes long hikes much more enjoyable, reduces strain on my back, and keeps me cool even on hot days.” – Jose Santos

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5. Chaos Ready – Waterproof Backpack

Top-rated: 601 ratings | 57 answered questions

Chaos Ready - Waterproof Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Highlight: This waterproof backpack stands out among its counterparts, offering comfort, ample space, and true waterproofing, although organizing smaller items inside might require additional pouches. It’s the best-in-the-class dry backpack for fishing if you’re looking for a robust product.

Helpful review: “I appreciate the water bottle compartments on both sides (kudos for including two!). The front pocket provides convenient access to items that don’t require waterproofing. Rolling and sealing the bag is simple, and it genuinely keeps everything dry.

Like similar waterproof bags, items tend to sink to the bottom, making it difficult to locate them. To address this, using smaller bags inside can help organize and find items easily. I use small makeup bags to keep my keys and wallet separate from other small items.

While I wish this backpack came in more color options, the grey color is appealing to me. I plan to purchase more for my family members, and having different colors for each of us would be convenient.

Overall, this backpack is comfortable to wear, spacious, and effectively waterproof. I intend to purchase additional units in the future.” – Kirsten Seth

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