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Top Spinning Reels Under $100 in 2024 (Tested and Reviewed!)

Spinning reel is more than just an instrument, it’s the soul of your fishing equipment, the door to accuracy and control in every cast. Imagine a flawless action when you effortlessly cast your bait to the fish’s hiding place, due to the superb functioning of a good quality fishing reel.

Top Spinning Reels Under $100

Imagine owning such a reel that doesn’t only satisfy your fishing requirements but exceeds your expectations while still keeping money in your wallet. It is an investment in your angling success and the enjoyment of each day on the water.

Say farewell to frustrations of tangled lines or missed chances, the exhilaration of reeling in your treasured catch is ahead. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, it’s time to enhance your fishing adventure with a spinning reel that matches your abilities and takes your every instant on the water to a new level. On this note, let’s have a look at the best saltwater fishing reels under $100.

Pflueger President – Spinning Fishing Reel

Top-rated: 2,562 ratings | 129 answered questions

Pflueger President - Spinning Fishing Reel

Credit: Amazon


An incredible find: The Pflueger President fishing reel combines stunning craftsmanship, remarkable performance, and unbeatable value, making it a standout choice among my extensive rod and reel collection.

Helpful review:

“After reading positive reviews on various websites, I decided to try this product. I must say, I’m pleased with my choice. I opted for the 25 over the 20 for the added line capacity and paired it with a 7′ Ultralight TFO Trout Panfish Rod using a 10lb braid – and let me tell you, this reel is fantastic! Using it for Trout fishing, I believe it offers great value for the money. The Pflueger President reel may be budget-friendly, but it performs like a high-end model.

First off, the appearance is sleek! While functionality matters most to me, the craftsmanship is worth noting. It’s not only beautiful but also lightweight and made with top-notch components. This reel is tough, quiet, smooth, and handles everything effortlessly. I caught five fish on my first outing, and reeling them in was a breeze.

I had a good feeling about this reel when I ordered it, having read numerous positive reviews. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised by its quality and performance considering the price. It has exceeded my expectations, quickly becoming one of my favorite combos among the 15 I own.

Trust me, this reel is worth it – it’s like stumbling upon $100 on the ground. That’s how good it is in my experience!” — Jeremy Durscher

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Okuma Ceymar – Graphite Lightweight All Purpose 8BB Spinning Reel

Top Rated: 3,338 ratings | 175 answered questions

Okuma Ceymar - Graphite Lightweight All Purpose 8BB Spinning Reel
Credit: Amazon


This reel, a true gem for the price, competes remarkably against higher-priced counterparts, offering reliability, smooth casting, and impressive durability despite minor quirks like the red color scheme and occasional handle knob loosening. This fishing reel is highly durable and will be with you for many adventures.

Helpful review:

“This reel is a real find, especially considering the price. I’ve compared it to several other spinning reels, and it holds its own just as well as those twice its price. But there’s just one small thing – the red color scheme. I love it, although fish probably aren’t fussed about colors. I’m all in for stylish rod and reel combos. Nevertheless, this reel offers great value for money. You’ll save a good amount by avoiding the more mainstream options.

Imagine this: I’m upgrading from a beginner’s spin caster combo to my first serious reel. I wanted something reliable and sturdy, and the Ceymar delivered. I felt like a pro the moment I cast it. The drag? Works like a charm. Sure, it got tangled on the first try (probably due to too much line, my mistake) but since then, it’s been smooth sailing. I’ve used it for bank and boat fishing, and it casts like a dream.

I’ve even tested it in freshwater a few times – it still works smoothly. If I had to nitpick, the handle knob can loosen a bit at times. But that’s a minor issue. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this reel!” — Michael Glen

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PENN Fierce III – 5 Bearings for Smooth Operation

Top Rated: 1,339 ratings | 78 answered questions

PENN Fierce III - 5 Bearings for Smooth Operation

Credit: Amazon


The PENN Fierce III, my top choice for surf fishing, outshines pricier competitors with its smooth performance, sturdy build, and superior HT-100 drag system, earning it the title of the best buy in its class of saltwater reels. These Penn spinning reels are known for offering better control and traction.

Helpful review:

“The Fierce lll is, in my view, a top choice for the price. A few months back, I bought two (8000) due to the attractive price and specs. From day one, I’ve been impressed. It operates quietly and smoothly, perfect for my surf fishing trips along the Gulf Coast. It handles various sizes of catches with ease, thanks to the reliable HT-100 drag system. The reel’s performance surpasses any spinning reel I’ve owned.

While my Daiwa BG Saltwater used to be my go-to, the Fierce lll has taken its place as my favorite. After comparing it to other reels in the $110 range, I believe Penn’s re-engineering has placed this reel in a league of its own for saltwater fishing. I’ve been trying to purchase another one for weeks, but it’s been out of stock. Amazon has assured me that more will be available soon. I highly recommend the Fierce lll for its quality design and construction in a saltwater reel.” — Charlie Robinson

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SHIMANO Reel 17 – Sedona 2500

Top Rated: 370 ratings | 18 answered questions

SHIMANO Reel 17 - Sedona 2500

Credit: Amazon


An absolute steal at $60, this spinning reel exceeded expectations, surpassing a pricier counterpart and prompting immediate consideration for a second purchase. It’s among the best fishing reels from Shimano fishing reels that are great for beginners and mid-level anglers.

Helpful review:

“I bought a Shimano Sedona spinning reel after a recommendation for a versatile spinning reel from a YouTube video. Priced at only $60 on Amazon, I decided to purchase it, thinking it could serve as a good backup for finesse fishing with small lures and jigs. Surprisingly, this reel has exceeded my expectations. It is fantastic in every aspect! While using it today, I found it hard to switch back to my Lews spinning reel, which costs twice as much. I am considering getting a second Shimano fishing reels for my collection after writing this review!” — Cory Linch

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Daiwa – Exceler LT

Top Rated: 250 ratings | 11 answered questions

Daiwa - Exceler LT

Credit: Amazon


At $65, the Daiwa Exceler stands out as an exceptional value, offering top-tier features and flawless performance, solidifying its position as the best option in its price range. Daiwa reels are known for higher stability and robustness.

Helpful review:

“This spinning reel offers excellent value for its price. Priced at $65 on Amazon, which is $15 below retail, it includes features like a screw-in handle and advanced technologies from Daiwa’s high-end reels. I have owned three Exceler models since the early 2000s, and they have all performed flawlessly without any problems. If you’re in the market for a reel in this price range, this is undoubtedly one of the top choices available.” — Robert Taylor

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