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Tried And Tested Best Fishing Shorts of 2024

A fishing enthusiast knows that the right gear includes comfort and function, and that also includes what you dress. The ideal fishing shorts are not only a matter of style; they demand durability, comfort, versatility, and even correct pocket setups to store your tools and essentials.

Going through numerous products, we have singled out a few standout solutions that will improve your fishing in 2024. Leave the dock or go deep-sea fishing, our selection of the well-tried and best fishing shorts will make sure you are prepared for whatever the day holds for you.

How to choose the best fishing shorts?

  • First, consider the material. Fishing shorts should be made of quick-drying and moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable throughout the day.
  • Look for features such as UV protection, stain resistance, and reinforced stitching for added durability.
  • Consider the length and fit. Longer shorts offer more coverage and protection from the sun, while shorter ones provide better mobility. Choose a fit that allows for ease of movement and doesn’t restrict your range of motion.
  • Pockets are essential for holding tools, bait, and other fishing essentials. Look for shorts with multiple pockets, ideally with secure closures to prevent items from falling out.
  • Finally, choose a style that suits your personal preference and the type of fishing you’ll be doing. Cargo-style shorts offer more storage, while board shorts are lightweight and quick-drying.

Best Mens Fishing Shorts of 2024 on Amazon

HUK Men’s Next-Level Quick-Drying Performance Fishing Shorts

HUK Men's Next-Level Quick-Drying Performance Fishing Shorts


The HUK Men’s Next-Level Quick-Drying Performance Fishing Shorts differ significantly from any other fishing shorts, being at the top of innovation and comfort as one would expect.

With a lightweight design that includes advanced technology techniques, they are the shorts engineered for the best fishing experience; they incorporate stretch materials that provide the needed freedom of movement whether implementing the shore cast or boat maneuvering.

The immediate ability to dry is very impressive. It helps anglers continue fishing and remain comfortable and dry, despite the weather or any splashes.

Not only does it have the stain-release feature, which ensures that the shorts look perfect even after coming in contact with the bait, fish, or other natural elements encountered during fishing trips, but it also comes in two different colors to cater to various preferences.

Beyond its fundamental features, the HUK Men’s Next-Level Shorts prove to be both comfy and stylish. They are provided with an auto-adjustable waistband that works perfectly for all body sizes, in which the wearing experience is raised by a notch.

Using laser perforation at suitable places such as the rear yoke and crotch gusset not only boosts the breathability but also maintains the comfort of the wearer when he’s working under the sun for a lengthy duration.

Furthermore, these swimwear pieces come with SPF ratings, which promotes skin protection against harmful UV rays. Being able to choose between a variety of sizes and sophisticated designed patterns, the HUK Men’s Next-Level Quick-Drying Performance Fishing Shorts is a choice that cannot be neglected for an outfit for any serious angler who wants both performance and style on the water.

Helpful Review:

“I really like these shorts.” — Levi

Get it on Amazon for $41.97

BASSDASH 10.5” Mens Fishing Cargo Shorts

BASSDASH 10.5” Mens Fishing Cargo Shorts


The BASSDASH Men’s Fishing Cargo Shorts, 10.5 inches, fully harmonize function and coziness, while being perfect for outdoor fanatics. Crafted for the adventurous spirits, these shorts have become highly functional, versatile apparel that can be worn on occasions including fishing, hiking, surfing, and sailing. They are suitable for daily use.

Most importantly, this longest UV tee is equipped with a UPF 50+ rating which offers a high degree of sun protection. Sufficient sun protection is important outside for those embracing their activities not to their detriment because of getting sun damage.

Shorts made of these quick-drying and water-resistant fabrics could therefore work best for those actively participating in water sports or being exposed to abrupt weather changes, as they will be kept warm and dry for the whole day.

In addition, they are technically gifted, the cargo shorts are manufactured in such a way as to consider the most practical issues. They feature seven well-sized pockets which can be convenient to carry your belongings, and also zippered pockets for security. This combination of pockets is intended to let the hands of wearers off, freeing the carrying of important items and allowing more comfort and security.

The stuff the shorts are made of is of the best quality, which ensures they will last longer and will be comfortable to wear. From hooking a fish on the lake to walking, hiking the trails or just spending a general day out, the BASSDASH 10.5” Men’s Fishing Cargo Shorts are up to the task with the elegant performance and modern look that will go well with any modern outdoorsman.

Helpful Review:

“These shorts are comfortable and stylish with good quality. The price is reasonable, and I don’t worry about snags. While I haven’t tested them in water yet, they seem like a good choice for an affordable pair.” — Steven

Get it on Amazon for $32.98

Columbia Men’s Backcast III Water Short

Columbia Men's Backcast Iii Water Short


The Backcast III Water Fitness Shorts from the Columbia Men’s collection is a mark of the brand’s commitment to making the best products in the industry for enthusiasts who love fishing and hanging out near the river. Unlike a tight suit that sticks to your skin, these shorts are designed with an easy-fitting silhouette that merely ensures comfort and freedom of movement, so that you can spend long hours playing by the water if you want to.

In this capacity, the option of adding UPF 50 protection-level guards the wearer from the dangerous parts of UV rays during summer periods. The nylon stitch of these shorts is both very comfortable and versatile. It allows for changes between wet and dry environments in a seamless way, which is very ideal for those days with so many weather changes.

One of the Columbia Men’s Backcast III Water Shorts features mesh briefs that integrate into the design of the shorts and offer support, comfort, and convenience since one no longer needs to carry a change of underwear for water activities. Secure storage pockets are practical with back right and zipper pockets that can be used for essentials, including fishing gear, and the area will keep fishermen confident as they concentrate on their catch.

The shorts have a relaxed fit made for gracing different sizes allowing people who are outdoor workout enthusiasts to gain their ideal fit with ease. The two logos printed on both sides are also an essential part of their brand identity and fashion sense. Hence, the Columbia Men’s Backcast III Water Fishing Shorts are not only functional but are also aesthetically pleasing, which makes them an essential garment for any person who intends to spend time in and around water comfortably and safely.

Helpful Review:

“I bought these shorts for my husband to wear while fishing and on the boat, and they are ideal! They have a great length, and the color is gorgeous. I’ve washed them multiple times, and they’ve remained in excellent condition! They still appear brand new! The shorts are made of high-quality, sturdy fabric. The back zipper is perfect for keeping items secure.” — Taylor

Get it on Amazon for $24.98

KastKing Men’s Fishing Shorts

KastKing Men's Fishing Shorts


The KastKing Men’s Fishing Shorts feature plush materials and thoughtful design to give you prime comfort and unmatched performance for the majority of your outdoor activities. Such a short has an easy-to-dry, sweat-wicking fabric, they are thus perfect for activities like fishing, hiking, and camping, as they will serve their purpose.

The fabric additionally offers UPF 50+ sun protection to minimize the chance of UV damage that for sure is a must for people staying outdoors for hours at a time. Thanks to the 10.5″ inseam of these shorts, it achieves the best combination of both: full coverage and at the same time absolute freedom of movement, which allows wearers to stay active all day long.

It is the KastKing Men’s Fishing Shorts which have the feature of seven pockets that can be considered among the most eye-catching features. Such thought in design not only offers ample storage space for the necessary equipment such as fishing gear, but also for individual items thus you can access or use them fast.

The pockets have been designed to serve for convenience but not to create bulkiness of the overall package. Being high quality, with smooth stitching, and reinforced seams, the shorts’ durability gets enhanced and therefore it come out to be a reliable choice for any outdoor adventure. Whether you are tackling a strenuous hike or a relaxed fishing trip, they are made to meet all your needs, especially comfort, safety, and convenience combined.

Helpful Review:

“I adore these shorts! I’ve tried various brands of fishing shorts, and I believe these are top-notch. They fit flawlessly and feature an elastic section in the waistband that functions like a belt. The back right pocket and left side pocket have convenient magnetic buttons. Also, several zippered pockets provide excellent security and quality. The fabric seems to dry promptly and is extremely comfortable. Overall, these shorts are a great purchase!” — Chad

Get it on Amazon for $29.99

Pudolla Men’s Hiking Cargo Shorts

Pudolla Men's Hiking Cargo Shorts


Pudolla Men’s Hiking and Fishing Cargo Shorts are the elite product of rugged outdoor lovers, who seek practicality and comfort both at the same time. They use a nylon-spandex blend that has fantastic quick-drying properties allowing you to run, walk, or swim without worrying about the shorts getting wet.

Furthermore, the blend provides enough elasticity so the shorts adapt to your knee’s movements while doing all kinds of activities.

To have many zones for storage, two zip pockets on each side and at the left thigh were included in the design of these garments, and hence they will be perfect for hiking, fishing trips, and casual outdoor adventures. These multiple layers of insulation material provide temperature control and comfort even in warm climates.

In addition, Pudolla cargo shorts have an elastic waistband and button closure that adjusts for the specific type of body and offers a very comfortable fit. Their readiness to life and good points are manifested by the fact that their making tends to be full of care – but first of all with a choice of high-quality materials and security of out-dangling places, which are their main concern for outdoor use.

If it is a day of hiking or an exploratory fishing trip, you will find these shorts perfectly designed to give you extreme durability, convenience, and mobility. They will become your trusted and comfortable choice for outdoor apparel for any adventure you plan to undertake.

Helpful Review:

“These shorts are both lightweight and comfortable. I particularly appreciated the zippered pockets that allow me to carry items securely during exercise, ensuring nothing gets lost.” — John

Get it on Amazon for $29.99