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Top Fish Finders to Elevate Your Fishing Game in 2024 (Tested and Reviewed!)

Diving into the depths of angling success requires more than just a rod and bait—it demands precision, insight, and a tool that can decode the mysteries beneath the water’s surface. A portable fish finder isn’t just a gadget; it’s your underwater ally, your gateway to unlocking the hidden world of fish movement, structure, and depth.

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First, Imagine having a fish finder that not only matches but surpasses your angling aspirations without breaking the bank. Picture the thrill of effortlessly pinpointing fish hotspots, navigating through underwater terrains, and securing your prized catch with ease.

Bid farewell to the guesswork and elusive fishing spots—welcome to the realm of portable fish finder series designed to complement your skills, heighten your fishing experience, and reveal the secrets concealed beneath the waves. Join us as we navigate the waters of 2024 to uncover the top fish finders that will revolutionize the way you fish.

5. Lowrance HDS-Live – Fish Finder

Top-rated: 209 ratings | 175 answered questions

Lowrance HDS-Live - Fish Finder

Credit: Amazon


Replacing an 11-year-old unit, the Lowrance HDS fish finder’s high-resolution display and intuitive touch screen made it a seamless and satisfying upgrade for sharper sonar images and enhanced functionality.

Helpful review:

I purchased this to replace my 11-year-old HDS Gen 1 unit. The difference is significant. The basic operation is quite similar, making it easy for me. The addition of a touch screen to the Lowrance HDS has made many tasks quicker. The screen is very clear and high-resolution. The sonar, down scan, and side scan images are sharp. The included charts are sufficient for my coastal fishing needs.

I handled the installation myself, and it wasn’t too difficult. Running the transducer cable was the most challenging part. The 9″ screen can be limiting when displaying a lot of imagery. I kept my old unit installed for chart and engine data, as it doesn’t support image sharing via ethernet but does share data via nmea 2000. The new unit is dedicated to sonar/side scan, providing ample space for viewing the bottom. I am pleased with this upgrade. — Daniel Cordry

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4. Raymarine Axiom 12 – Fish Finder

Top-rated: 3 ratings | 0 answered questions

Raymarine Axiom 12 - Fish Finder

Credit: Amazon


Investing in a professional installation on my Tiara 4000 Express revealed an exceptional unit, albeit with a built-in GPS antenna that prompted an additional GPS sensor for optimal performance. Besides, its impressive features like the configurable screen and handy tracking capabilities. This fish finder with GPS is an excellent choice who are looking for a bigger display along with an easy-to-use interface.

Helpful review:

“I had a professional install this unit on my Tiara 4000 Express with a hardtop. Initially, it took about 15 minutes to connect to GPS satellites. Although there were occasional signal losses, it quickly reacquired them. However, during a recent 30-minute trip, it failed to acquire a GPS signal. To address this, I added a GPS sensor. Despite these challenges, this portable fish finder itself is outstanding. The software is easy to use, and the screen provides detailed configurations. The tracking feature is especially handy for saving and naming tracks.

For those planning to install this fish finder with GPS, I suggest checking out Marine Max’s 5-minute setup video on YouTube. It was very informative. While the radar works well, many owners express concerns about the weak built-in GPS antenna, as highlighted in various forums. This is something to consider along with the added cost of a GPS sensor.” — Robert York

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3. HawkEye Fishtrax – 1C Fish Finder

Top-rated: 338 ratings | 43 answered questions

HawkEye Fishtrax - 1C Fish Finder

Credit: Amazon


Gifted this fish finder, selfishly for my significant other, and it’s been a versatile gem – accurate, portable, and surprisingly effective even offshore, matching up to the performance of far pricier mounted models I’ve previously used. This depth finder for boat from Hawkeye is an excellent choice for both beginners and expert anglers.

Helpful review:

“Purchased this depth finder for boat as a present, even though it was somewhat self-centered as it’s for my partner. We decided to rent a boat this year and were looking for a fish finder that didn’t require mounting. We wanted one that would be beneficial offshore if we came across a bank now and then. Although we haven’t used it for fishing from the shore yet, we don’t anticipate any issues due to its design. It’s highly accurate, and I also rely on its precision for diving into the water.

This demonstrates significant trust! It’s easy to toss into the boat bag with the case (purchased separately). Additionally, we bought a suction cup holder separately, which is incredibly handy and fits well in the purchased box. No trouble reading or viewing the screen so far. The transponder is simple to toss overboard and provides a comprehensive view as promised. This product competes with the very expensive mounted fish finders I’ve used before. I would definitely recommend it.” — Wendie Deel

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2. Garmin STRIKER™ Plus – 5cv GPS Fish Finder

986 ratings | 238 answered questions

armin STRIKER™ Plus - 5cv GPS Fish Finder

Credit: Amazon


A no-frills, budget-friendly depth finder for boat that holds its ground against pricier models, offering Garmin’s solid traditional and clear view technology, and while it lacks the bells and whistles of higher-end GPS units, it’s a reliable and tech-savvy choice for smaller boats and kayaks.

Helpful review:

“Some individuals skip reading the product description or conducting a YouTube search for an independent review. This lack of research is evident in the Amazon reviews for the Garmin Striker 5. Nevertheless, the Garmin Striker 5 is considered Garmin’s entry-level model, boasting traditional and clear view technology comparable to more expensive Garmin GPSMAP units. The screen display of this side scan fish finder is sufficient for its price point.

Including a split screen and dual-frequency display for traditional sonar may seem excessive given the price, but it offers an additional feature that many may not utilize. Moreover, the ability to utilize both traditional and clear-view technology is a valuable aspect. For under $300, buyers receive a considerable amount of technology along with a user-friendly menu and a transducer.” — Kelly Collins

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1. Lowrance Hook Reveal – Fish Finder

Top-rated: 310 ratings | 194 answered questions

Lowrance Hook Reveal - Fish Finder

Credit: Amazon


Streamlined functionality straight out of the box, displaying comprehensive maps and sonar images; however, the 5-inch screen of the Lowrance hook reveal might feel cramped for some, and routing the transducer cable could be challenging during installation. This Lowrance hook reveal fish finder for boats from Lowrance easily attaches wherever offering higher portability.

Helpful review:

“I had my eye on this particular fish finder/portable depth finder for a while. I purchased the 5-inch display with preloaded inland maps and installed it on a 2004 Bass Tracker Pro Crappie 175. The best thing about this fish finder is that it comes with a bright display that is clearly visible under direct sunlight.

The Positives:

  • It worked straight out of the box with all functions as promised.
  • Instantly displayed maps of the two main reservoirs I fish without any setup needed.
  • Bonus: This depth finder with GPS provides a sonar image of the bottom structure.
  • Displays the route you’ve taken on the map screen.
  • Maps include lake features, navigation aids, shoreline details, and depth, which is beneficial when fishing in a new lake.
  • It’s relatively easy to grasp the basics of electronic settings and options, though it requires a bit of study.” — Gary Kelly

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